Eighty-Eight Years of Service to Veterans and Our Communities

In July 1935, The Department of Nevada was split away from The Department of California – Nevada, and charted as a stand-alone Department. John Cerrita of post 407 was the first State Commander. There were five active posts that transferred to the department: 958, 407, 1753, 2313, and 2350.

Today, four of the posts are still active, but only two of the original five posts still retain their original post number designation: 2313 Hawthorne and 2350 Elko. Post 407 merged with Post 9211 in Reno and Post 1753 merged with Post 12101 in Las Vegas.

As we celebrate 88 years of working for our veterans, we have grown to 6 districts, 33 posts, and 22 auxiliaries, with a total membership of over 10,500.