Sean Schmitt
The webmaster is responsible for -
  • Responsible for the deployment and maintenance of email and web services for the Department.
  • Ensures that Department information and guidance is clearly available to the potential members and current members.
  • Implements the Commanders guidance with respect to content and scheduling of content display.
  • Provide guidance and technical resources to Districts and Posts.
  • Provide advice and approval for Sponsor Website Sales.
Website Updates and Content Refresh –
  • The Website is our face to the public. We need to keep it up to date and fresh. We need to show what we are doing to help veterans and the military. Photos of what we do at the Posts and Department needs to go on the website. Send your photos to webmaster@vfwnv.com.
  • Department Officer’s and Chairs need to update and ensure that your pages are up to date with current content and information. Don’t assume that I have updated your page with the latest information from National.
  • Check it out and let me know what you want to tell the public about your program. Photos, documents, etc. Don’t make people have to hunt for info about your program.
  • Remember -the website supports the Commander’s vision and his guidance.
For those Posts that are looking for a website solution, the Department utilizes the VFW provider.  The VFW website solution program is available to help pay for the first year of the the Posts expenses of the cost of the website and email services.  Along with the Department, Posts 3396, 9211, 12093 and 12101 are using the VFW provider.
VFW Website Solutions Program