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 In the last 10-15 years, more of Americas veterans have returned to civilian life and have went back to school to further their education, or have started back to school while still in the military. Whether it be a trade school, a community college, or graduate school, today there are more veterans pursuing a higher education. The article below was copied off of the VFW national web-site, and it may help you to understand the commitment that the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Student Veterans of America have made to the veteran going back to school. 

   ” Today`s veteran can face any number of obstacles while furthering their education. That`s why the Veterans of Foreign Wars partnered with the Student Veterans of America (SVA), to be there for veterans while they pursue their education. The SVA and the VFW are committed to ensuring our nation`s veterans succeed in their educational pursuits, community service endeavors, careers and personal lives. Working together, SVA chapters and VFW posts can help our nation`s veterans attain these goals.

     The missions and purposes of both organizations share a great deal of synergy. The SVA offers peer support for veterans transitioning back to civilian life academia, frequently after serving one or more deployments overseas. The VFW provides opportunities for camaraderie, community service, and veterans advocacy to those who have honorably served in overseas conflicts. While SVA chapters are unique amongst veterans groups with their location on campus, VFW posts are located in the same communities off campus. These two organizations can experience great mutual success working together through several key avenues of cooperation:
      Shared access to VFW service officers to help file disability claims
      Camaraderie, peer support and mentorship
      Cooperating on community and veterans service initiatives
      Conducting joint events, celebrations, and recognition ceremonies
      Fellowship Opportunities (Student Fellowships)
      Use of VFW facilities
      Pooling community connections for mutual benefit
      Combined effort on local, state, and national advocacy efforts to         
      the best possible outcomes for veterans
      Access the the VFW Help A Hero scholarships.

With more than 6,800 posts and nearly 1,000 SVA chapters there are many opportunities for cooperation and engagement.”

SVA Members Fact: Per SVA web site
87%- Are 24 or older
47%- Have a family
27%- Are Female